People paddle across a lake in Whistler on a sunny day.

A Whistler Analogy

| Balanced | Perplexing | Precarious | Exciting | Unique | Discretionary | | Constant | Quandary | Compelling | Powerful | Desirable | Meager |   The pace of sales over the past 31 days has been sluggish to say the least. With a total…
Platinum award Winner in the Whistler Real Estate market
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RE/MAX 2021 Platinum Award Winner - GRATEFUL

Reflecting on 2021, it certainly was another interesting year with new Covid challenges and an unprecedented real estate market. To my clients, who I’ve served this past year, thank you so much for trusting in me to represent your interests…
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BOB's Reflections, Observations and Market Updates | NOVEMBER 2021 | WHISTLER, BC

Welcome to the 2021/2022 Ski and Snowboard season. By the time you read this newsletter U.S. Thanksgiving will have arrived and the lifts will be spinning here in Whistler. After an intensely hot summer and equally wet fall it’s looking like…
Bob from RE/MAX
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Trust Is Key

RE/MAX Real Estate Agents Voted #1 Most Trusted in Canada According to Canadian consumers, RE/MAX is the brand with the #1 Most Trusted Real Estate Agents in Canada*. The results of the 2022 BrandSpark® Canadian Trust Study are based on a…
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House for Sale Whistler. The 2021 Challenge.

My intention was to avoid talking about Covid in my summer issue but that seems daft. I am going to jump the grenade and tackle Covid first. British Columbia has done exceedingly well in getting the majority of our population vaccinated with…