Real Estate Advice & Services to Sell Your Home in Whistler

As your licensed REALTOR® I provide you with the following advice and services for selling your home in Whistler

  1. A comprehensive market analysis with details of relevant, comparable listings, recent sales, overall market conditions and historical trends.
  2. A suggested list price for the property based on comparable sales and listings, timing, market conditions.
  3. Clear concise information on zoning by-laws, covenants registered on title, permitted uses etc.
  4. A list of suggested repairs/improvements prior to listing the property.
  5. Introductions, where needed, to building contractors, staging specialists, landscaping companies, refuse removal & arborists.
  6. Referrals to lawyers, accountants, building inspectors.
  7. I will guide you through the process of preparing the Listing Contract, Property Disclosure Statement, ordering strata documents, collecting key documents such as building plans, surveys and occupancy certificates from the RMOW building department and SLRD.
  8. Assisting and advising you in negotiating terms and conditions on a contract.
  9. Assisting in the process of completion and possession.
  10. Administration of deposit monies.
  11. Follow-up after the sale has completed.

“As an out of town vender, I was thorough in my research before selecting an agent. Bob was recommended by a long time Whistler resident as having a wealth of experience, and a thoughtful approach managing his listings. I could not have been more satisfied with both the service and professionalism of Bob Cameron.”


Designated Agency

I will represent you as your designated agent. My duty will be to represent your interests only. My legal duties to you include the following:

  1. Loyalty – I will always put your interests ahead of all others, including my own.
  2. Avoid Conflicts of Interest – I will avoid any situation that would affect my ability to act in your best interests.
  3. Fully Disclose Any Relevant Information – I will always disclose all the facts I know that might affect your decisions.
  4. I will not share your private information without your permission, such as:
    • Your reasons for selling, leasing, renting, buying.
    • The minimum or maximum price you are seeking
    • Any preferred terms and conditions you may want included in the contract.As your listing agent I will be marketing your property to attract potential buyers. However, under the rules of designated agency, as your listing agent I will not be able to offer agency to any potential buyer of your property. This relatively new rule holds true for all agents in British Columbia. In the event I do attract a buyer, I will be referring that buyer to an experienced and trusted independent realtor to give advice and to write any offers on your property. This may result in a referral payment to me at closing, and this will be disclosed to you before presenting the offer. There is also a remote chance that the buyer will choose to be an unrepresented party in the transaction. In these rare instances I would write the contract but not offer any advice to the to the buyer, and my legal duties to the buyer would not include any of the above.

“A big thanks for the great job you did in selling our property
in Whistler. It was a difficult property to sell and we feel you did
an exceptional job in putting it all together.
As a developer in the Vancouver Island area, we deal with many
real estate transactions. Your knowledge and professionalism far exceeds the norm and it is that level of expertise we very much appreciate. All the very best”



I’ve always felt that listing your home is much like going into business with your listing agent. For the duration of your listing contract your listing agent acts as your business partner. Focused on the same goal of selling your home in Whistler for the maximum amount in a reasonable amount of time. Always working with you, offering advice, support, direction and being accountable for all my actions. Every home deserves its own unique sale and marketing plan, but here are some of the things that I do for marketing that gets your home exposed to the highest number of potential buyers:

Print Exposure

  • Local market exposure on the back cover of Whistler’s weekly newsmagazine: The Pique.
  • A showcase in our Portfolio of Properties – the only real estate magazine in town to feature every neighbourhood and complex. Truly a Buyer’s Guide.
  • A feature on our top of the line, back lit window display, prominently positioned at ourMarketPlace Office in Whistler Village.

Web Exposure

  • Selling your home in Whistler? It will be listed on the WLS – only Whistler specific listing service
  • Plus listed on MLS and the region’s largest and most searched real estate company website,
  • In addition, your property will filter through to all of RE/MAX’s affiliated websites including, but not limited to,, and many more.
  • Prominent display right here, on
  • Prominent display on the area’s most comprehensive and easy to search local real estate website:
  • I use the most advanced technology for creating life-like 3D virtual tours with Matterport. Show buyers what your property’s really like. They don’t even have to physically step in the door.
  • Exposure on our company social media accounts: Open houses, new listings, Matterports, and videos are all marketed there.
  • RE/MAX Sea to Sky Real Estate practices MLS and WLS reciprocity, meaning other agents and companies can display our properties on their sites. This ensures your property is shared online in as many places as possible and puts your property in front of more potential buyers. Not all companies practice reciprocity. Be sure selling your home in Whistler is done by a trusted company that has reciprocity priviledges.
Selling Your home in Whistler - Bob Cameron RE/MAX Whistler

Luxury Real Estate

Applicable luxury property will also receive the benefits of our Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate affiliation.

It will be featured on The Webby Award-Winning Luxury Real Estate Website with the Most Multi-Million Dollar Properties.

Not only are we Whistler’s exclusive members of the world’s premier Luxury Real Estate organization, we are on their Board of Regents – this gives our listings priority placement on

  • is number one in searches on,, and and was voted ‘Best of the Web’ by Forbes magazine as well as ‘Best Website’ by consumer surveys.
  • Properties on are featured in over 69 countries.
  • TOP 10 VISITING COUNTRIES: United States, Canada, China,
 United Kingdom, Australia, Germany Sweden, Spain, Italy, France
  • Visits (monthly average): 507,141
  • Unique Page View (monthly average): 1,031,370
  • Countries with Active Listings: 69
  • Total Dollars on $136 Billion
  • Over 57,000 properties with an average price of $2,424,258

Additionally, applicable luxury properties are marketed as RE/MAX Collection properties.

RE/MAX markets and sells more luxury property than any other real estate company, through The RE/MAX Collection.

Sophistication. Elegance. Class. The RE/MAX Collection offers all this and much more to affluent homebuyers and sellers around the world. This RE/MAX luxury-home marketing program provides exclusive advertising incentives, specialized training and distinctive marketing tools to RE/MAX agents so they can better serve discerning clients like you. To qualify for inclusion in The RE/MAX Collection, homes must be at least twice the local average listing price.

Bob Cameron RE/MAX - Selling Your home in Whistler

I Will Help You By:

  • Determining your property’s optimal selling price
  • Investigating repairs or upgrades needed
  • Recommending reputable repair companies as needed
  • Staging your property
  • Arranging for photos and videos for marketing
  • Marketing your property
  • Showing your property to potential buyers
  • Reviewing and presenting offers
  • Negotiating on your behalf
  • Organizing property inspection and appraisal, as required
  • Closing the sale of your property, and ensuring your satisfaction.


(How I will communicate with you throughout the process)

There are several things that can happen that influence the timing of a sale. The market shifts, the government announces new taxes or regulations, the Bank of Canada announces new mortgage rates, other competing properties come on the market. Rest assured that regardless of the market conditions, I will be in constant communication regarding the marketing and sale of your property. A shifting market just means that we will need to adjust the plan, and that requires more communication, not less. You’ll hear from me throughout the process. I will update you weekly providing feedback on all showings and marketing updates. These updates will be delivered via your preferred method of communication i.e. phone, email, text etc. Monthly marketing and price review meetings.

“As international investors you need a person who can explain the mechanics of the local market and someone you can trust when you are buying a property so far away from your home country. What we experienced with Bob as our representative was second to none. Bob is experienced & knows the Whistler market inside out. He thoroughly explained everything to us going well beyond the basics. He supported us in all matters in a totally neutral way. Bob helped us find our perfect Whistler home (this is such a great place to own a home!!!) and we found a person we fully trust and are still in touch with.”


Working with Other REALTORS®

I’ve spent more than 25 years in this business focusing on personal and business integrity. I pride myself in having developed and maintained positive working relationships with colleagues from all brokerages. The magic of the Multiple Listing System is the broad exposure your property gets to a multitude of agents and potential buyers. It’s critical that other agents feel welcome to bring their clients to your home knowing both they and their clients will be treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. It sets the stage for a successful negotiation if your property is the right fit for their clients.


It may sound counter-intuitive, but a successful negotiation begins with preparation. When a property is well presented & properly priced the process is more likely to be successful. I will guide you through the process of proper pricing & preparation. Understanding and communicating each parties position is critical. Listening, questioning and clarifying are the key skills employed to reach a level of understanding. Through this process it’s often possible to identify or establish some common ground. A win-win outcome is usually the best result. Although this may not always be possible, through negotiation, it should be the ultimate goal. For the past 25 years I’ve been representing sellers and buyers in the successful sale & purchase of their homes. My range of experience runs the full spectrum of the Whistler market from entry level condominiums to $10M luxury homes. Put my experience to work for you. Rest assured I will represent your best interests with skill and integrity.


I will continue to work on your behalf throughout the completion process. Working with our conveyance department in providing your lawyer will all the documents they require. Co- ordinating access for appraisers. Arranging for cleaners where needed. Delivering keys and parking passes to the purchaser’s agent.

Follow Up

I always want to make sure my clients are satisfied with my services and happy with the results, so you can expect a follow up from me even after the keys are passed on to the new owners. With your permission I will continue to follow up and provide market information to you long after the transaction has completed.

“Bob Cameron acted as the real estate agent for my wife and me when we attempted to sell our Whistler chalet. He exceeded all of my expectations and I have pretty high expectations for a real estate agent. He helped us to realistically value our property so it sold promptly at an acceptable price while other similar properties languished on the market. If he committed to do something he did it quickly and well. Overall we were extremely satisfied with Bob’s assistance and would recommend him without hesitation to someone who requires the assistance of a real estate agent to sell or buy property in Whistler.”