Whistler Real Estate Agents’ Tuesday Tours

On Tuesday mornings Whistler real estate agents tour a selection of newly listed properties. This has been the tradition since long before I started in the business 25 years ago. The tour begins at 8:30 sharp and typically runs for two hours. In that time, we might see as many as 14 new listings.

Here’s how it works. Several days in advance of the tour, agents submit requests for their new listings to our Real Estate Association administrator. Our administrator then creates a plan with property information and a logical sequence for viewing these new listings which is then emailed out to all agents on Mondays.

The agent’s tour is a great opportunity to view and assess multiple new listings without the challenges of making individual appointments to preview these properties. It’s very efficient and works well for both agents and their clients. For Sellers the advantages are obvious – getting as many “eyes” on their property in as short a time as possible. For Buyers – this may be the best way for them to get a “heads up” from their agents that an exciting new property has just come on the market. For agents it’s a critical step in staying informed and an excellent opportunity to discuss the pros and cons, perceived value etc. of each new listing with colleagues from their own and competing offices.

Not always but frequently the last property on tour will have the agent hosting a light breakfast and coffee service for everyone. Frequently but not always, this breakfast is hosted at one of the larger and more expensive homes where we all get a chance to linger and get to know the home a better.